Thursday, October 21, 2010

GSM Services

Tele Services:

Telecommunication services that enable voice communication via mobile phones.
Offered services are 'Mobile telephony' & 'Emergency calling'.

Bearer Services:
Include various data services for information transfer between GSM and other networks like PSTN, ISDN etc.
Short Message Service (SMS).
–up to 160 character alphanumeric data transmission to/from the mobile terminal.
Group 3 fax.
Voice mailbox.
Electronic mail.

Supplementary Services:
Call Waiting- Notification of an incoming call while on the handset.
Call Hold- Put a caller on hold to take another call.
Call Barring- All calls, outgoing calls, or incoming calls.
Call Forwarding- Calls can be sent to various numbers defined by the user.
Call Diverting – All Calls can be Divert on a particular number.
Call Conferencing - Link multiple calls together.
CLIP – Caller line identification presentation.
CLIR – Caller line identification restriction.