Monday, November 1, 2010

Components of Satellite

•Transponder and Antenna System.
•Power Package.
•Control and Information System & Rocket Thruster System.

Transponder & Antenna System:
The transponder is a high frequency radio receiver, a frequency down converter and a power amplifier, which is used to transmit the downlink signal.
The antenna system contains the antennas and the mechanism to position them correctly.

Power Package:
It is a power supply to the satellite.
The satellite must be powered either from a battery or a solar energy system.
A solar cell system supplies the power to run the electronics and change the batteries during the sunlight cycle and battery furnishes the energy during the eclipse.

Control and Information System & Rocket Thruster System:
The control and information system and the rocket thruster system are called the station keeping system.
The function of the station keeping system is to keep the satellite in the correct orbit with the antennas pointed in the exact direction desired.